Personal References

Wade Burnett is one of those rare, exceptionally high-capacity leaders with strong relational skills. Wade is business savvy and church smart. He is a strategic thinker who knows how to get things done and bring people along in the process. Everything Wade puts his hands on succeeds — from creating a law firm, to starting a new church around his conference room table, to growing and leading a large, innovative, multisite church.  As a man of integrity with a winsome personality, people follow him easily. He helps people and organizations achieve more than they could have imagined, and he does it with humility.

– Jim Tomberlin, Founder and Chief Strategist, MultiSite Solutions, Inc.

In my 35 years of coaching and consulting with business owners and pastors and non-profit executives, I have found precious few who can see both the forest and the trees. Not so with Wade Burnett. He engages the highest level of systems thinking and strategic planning with ease, then carries a sixth sense for execution and implementation.  He applies this unique ability to his own life as well.  I would be hard pressed to find a leader in any sector – and Wade has served in almost all of them – who is more committed to personal growth and transformation than Wade.

– Jay Brennamen, Principal, Sagequest Consulting, Inc.

Wade and I started a law firm together and were partners for a number of years. In my nearly forty years in law and in government leadership, I have had the opportunity to interact with numerous people of superior intellect.  Of those, there are only a small few that I would put in Wade’s category. He can almost instantly recognize the core of any problem and its solution. Despite this gift, though, he never thinks of himself as superior to others.  He can engage deeply on the most intellectual of matters, then turn just moments later and explain the same subject in clear and simple terms to people who need him.  He is one of the most talented, honest and dedicated people I have ever known.

                                                                 – E. Joseph Bleich, Justice, Louisiana Supreme Court (Ret.)

I have been in church leadership and ministry for 28 years and have been privileged to work with many great leaders and great churches in big cities and in small towns.  I worked alongside Wade for ten of those years, and Wade is as gifted in leadership as anybody I have worked with in ministry.  He leads not only with his head, but also with his heart.

– James Skinner, Pastor, The Bridge Community Church

Wade was an invaluable source of wisdom as our church faced one of the biggest decisions we’ve ever made. He gave us the counsel and objectivity we needed, and it was obvious to our leadership team that we were talking with a guy who had been in our shoes. If you are facing a big decision, you need to talk with Wade. He has a true passion for the Church and he will serve you well.

– Aaron Gable, Senior Pastor, LifeBridge Church, Atlanta, GA


I have been leading worship at churches and conferences for over fifteen years now, and Wade Burnett is the most impactful leader I’ve ever encountered. For the past eleven years, Wade has maintained that delicate balance between being my friend, boss, ministry partner and leadership coach.  Personally, Wade’s investment in me has changed my life and helped me recognize who I am as a leader.  Organizationally, Wade changed the culture of our church.  We shifted from church-as-normal to a church whose mission and practices were truly aligned.  It is been a tremendous blessing to lead with Wade and also to follow his leadership.

– Chris Hanchey, Worship Pastor


Wade Burnett came to work for me out of law school.  Even though he has not worked for me in over 12 years, I would hire him back today no questions asked.  Quite simply, he is an outstanding thinker, strategist, attorney and person.

– Edwin Preis,  Founder and Partner, Preis, Kraft & Roy, APLC

I can tell you this: my recommendation of Wade is based on five years of legal combat serving with him against the State of Texas.  And even though he was not a lawyer yet and was actually a college student for much of that time, Wade “out-lawyered” many licensed attorneys.  His ability to see through the fog to what needs to be done – and then to take needed steps to actually do it – is unparalleled in my experience.

– Robert Ford, Attorney

I have known Wade in two capacities:  as his law school professor and as an administrator.  When I taught Mr. Burnett, he earned the highest grade in my class.  As an administrator, I have observed Wade’s ability, adaptability, creativity and incredible perseverance.  He is a person who has been tested under some of life’s most difficult circumstances, and he has succeeded.

– William Corbett, V. Chancellor, LSU School of Law